The summer solstice has just passed. Air conditioners are working harder than usual due to the intense heat, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your air conditioner can withstand the heat. Follow these summertime tips from the team at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. to prevent overusing your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Tips to Help You Stay Cool

Close Your Blinds

Your home’s temperature may rise if the sun is streaming in through the window. To naturally lower the temperature, keep the blinds and drapes drawn during the hottest part of the day and while no one is home.

Check Your Vents

Ensure that the vents on your walls and floors are clear and clean. Any rugs, drapes, furnishings, or other objects that partially or completely obscure the vent should be moved. Vents that are covered prevent air from moving freely, which can affect a room’s temperature. This might make it difficult for fresh air to circulate, making the space feel stuffy and stale.

Optimize Your Thermostat

Utilize programmable thermostats to maintain ideal temperatures all day long. When your house won’t be occupied during certain hours of the day, turn up the thermostat. Your energy cost will go down, and you’ll save money. You can personalize your home’s comfort while conserving energy thanks to digital thermostats.

Clean Your Unit

Debris can obscure or clog the vents on the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. After removing any bulky objects that are leaning against or inside the appliance, clean the vents with a hose. The unit’s effectiveness can be improved with this straightforward cleaning. Trim back any foliage that is within 18 inches of the unit and remove any sticks or other debris that may become a future hazard.

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