Could your house benefit from cleaner water? Tired of spending a fortune on bottled water? Consider adding a reverse osmosis water system to your home. One of the plumbing services offered by the professionals at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc., the installation of a reverse osmosis water system comes with many benefits for you and your family.

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water System

Fewer Contaminants

Based on the number of filtration stages you select, a reverse osmosis water system can provide 99% clean drinking water. Contaminants removed by the system include:

  • sodium
  • sulfate
  • calcium
  • mercury
  • lead
  • arsenic
  • fluoride
  • chloride

Additionally, a reverse osmosis water system can remove many of the minerals found in hard water.

More Efficient

Despite the fact that reverse osmosis is a powerful filtration method, it doesn’t use any electricity. That is entirely opposite to most other water cleaning systems. Reverse osmosis solely depends on the water pressure of your home.

On-Demand Water

Reverse osmosis water systems connect directly to your faucet. That means that whenever you turn the water on, you’ll have clean water. With methods like distillation, you’d have to worry about keeping the tank full to keep up with your home’s needs.

Saves Money

As mentioned above, reverse osmosis systems can save you and your family money. If you spend a lot on bottled water, you’ll love to know that filtering your own water can be much cheaper. You could save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.

Better Food

One of the lesser-known benefits of filtering your water is that your food will likely taste better. Of course, boiling water removes bacteria, but it doesn’t remove other contaminants that can alter the taste.

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