It’s a beautiful winter day in Indiana, you’re inside your house and the heat is turned on, and yet, you’re still cold. Why? If the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature, shouldn’t you be comfortable? You don’t want to turn it up and cause your energy bill to shoot up, but something is stopping your home from being as warm as it could be. It’s a great question, and your friends at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. have the answers.

Cold Inside the House

You Have Drafts

The majority of drafts come through windows and doors. If you run your hand along the edge of a door and can feel the flow of cold air even though the door is closed, you need to block that flow. Adding a weatherstrip is the easiest solution. They attach very easily to the edges of doors, providing a block against the flow of cold air.

You Have Air Leaks

Homes are full of places for warm air to escape and cold air to enter. Even if you keep all of your windows and doors shut tightly, there are dozens of other places that could be letting cold air into your home. Start by checking out your ceiling, attic, and crawl space, as these are the most common places for air to escape or enter. Next, check your electrical outlets and vents in your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. As you find leaks, use caulk or other insulation to seal them up.

Your HVAC System Is Due for Inspection

Often, it’s not your HVAC system that is causing your home to be cold, it’s your home. However, if you’ve gone through previous steps to warm up your home and you are still uncomfortable, an inspection is only a fraction of the cost of a system failure and can ensure that your unit is working correctly. Most customers only call their maintenance man when something goes wrong, but being proactive with your unit’s maintenance is much less expensive.

These three tips can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively, and are important to keep in mind if your home isn’t as warm as you’d like. Let the experts at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. ensure that your HVAC unit is in the best possible shape this winter. Contact us today at (765) 450-4008 with any questions, or to set up an appointment.