The air quality in Indianapolis has been especially poor this summer, causing health concerns and discomfort. To understand these issues better, let’s explore air quality. We’ll define air quality, describe how it’s measured, and identify its influences. We’ll also learn the differences between outdoor and indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn more from your friends at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Air Quality in Indianapolis this Summer

What is Air Quality?

Air quality is the measure of the air around us. It considers different types of pollutants present in the air. For example, dust, pollen, mold spores, and other particles can be harmful to breathe. Thus, air quality measures their presence. Why is this important? Air quality has a direct impact on how our bodies function as well as our physical comfort levels.

How Is It Measured?

Air quality is measured by the air quality index (AQI), which considers the levels of various pollutants in the air. The higher the AQI, the worse the air quality is. When the AQI reaches a certain level, an alert or warning may be issued to inform people of poor air quality conditions and their potential health risks.

What Causes Poor Air Quality?

Poor air quality can be attributed to various factors, many of which are exacerbated during summer. This includes increased emissions from combustion processes such as vehicle exhaust and industrial operations, which release airborne pollutants into the atmosphere. Additionally, warmer weather conditions can facilitate ozone formation, a harmful air pollutant, when sunlight reacts with volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. Natural phenomena, like wildfires and dust storms, also significantly contribute to poor air quality by releasing large amounts of particulate matter and other pollutants. Finally, stagnant weather patterns can trap these pollutants close to the ground, leading to unhealthy air concentrations.

Outdoor Versus Indoor

While we have limited control over the outdoor air quality, the good news is we have significant control over our indoor air quality, largely thanks to our HVAC systems. Your HVAC system serves as the lungs for your home or office, circulating air throughout the building and directly impacting the air you breathe indoors. Proper and routine maintenance of these systems is crucial to filter out pollutants effectively and provide clean, fresh air. This is where professional HVAC servicing steps into the picture.

Tackle Indoor Air Quality

Quality Plumbing & Heating offers professional HVAC services to residents throughout Indiana. With our experienced team, we ensure your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency, effectively filtering out pollutants and delivering clean, breathable air to your home or office. The quality of your indoor air is something you can control, and with regular HVAC servicing, you can breathe easier knowing that your indoor environment is safe and comfortable. Don’t let the poor outdoor air quality affect your indoor comfort. Call (765) 450-4008 today to request a service appointment and take control of your indoor air quality.