This year in Indiana, we have seen more snow than we’ve seen in years! The beautiful, white landscape has been a welcome sight for most Hoosiers; however, it does come at a cost. Snow leads to hazardous road conditions, it can cause tree branches to fall, and it can even have a negative effect on your HVAC unit. Because not only will your furnace be working overtime to keep your house warm in these frigid temperatures, the snow could also be blocking your vents. Today, our team at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. is setting out to educate Indiana homeowners about the danger of snow to your HVAC unit.

Protect Your HVAC from Snow

Intake and Exhaust Pipes

A gas furnace uses two exterior pipes. The intake pipe pulls in fresh air and the exhaust pipe expels the byproduct of the heating process. To work safely and efficiently, these pipes need to be clear of any obstruction, including snow. If the intake pipe is blocked, the heating system will likely stall and turn off. If the exhaust pipe is blocked, a safety mechanism should prevent the dangerous fumes from entering your home.


In addition to your pipes, it’s also important to be mindful of your outside air conditioner unit during heavy snowfall. Even though you won’t be using your air conditioner during the winter, you should still clear any snow or ice from it, so that it can receive the proper airflow to prevent rusting or corrosion.

What To Do

Shoveling snow probably isn’t your favorite winter activity, but it’s important to keep your home safe. Shovel away any snow buildup around your HVAC unit, and also inspect your gutters near the system to make sure they aren’t dripping onto the unit. Then locate your intake and exhaust pipes, and clear away any snow that may be covering them. Finally, do your furnace a favor and change the filter more often during frigid temperatures so it can work as efficiently as possible.

If you suspect a problem with your heating system, call a professional HVAC technician right away. Quality Plumbing & Heating is here for you 24 hours a day, and will be at your home as soon as possible to repair your furnace and get your home warm and comfortable, so you can go back to enjoying the snow. Contact us today at (765) 450-4008.